About Alex Longson

Alex is a British-American designer based in Edinburgh, UK. As a mutli-disciplinary visual artist, he has worked across many forms to create compelling + beautiful products, brands + businesses.

Through his own companies, Alex has gained a range of experience in all elements of aesthetic direction.


While Alex's secondary school experience was defined by the sciences (Maths + Physics + Chemistry), his love for visual arts began while he was a child. Starting with a fascination for animation and painting, Alex gradually developed a keen interest in photography + videography.

In 2013, Alex went onto the University of St Andrews to pursue an MA in Geography. This time was formative for his creative growth, both in technical design and management skills. For two years, Alex led Lightbox St Andrews, a photography + video agency, to become the largest creative services provider in Fife.


After graduating, Alex and his business partner co-founded CombiniCo, a Korean ready-to-go food brand, and opened their first retail outlet in February 2018. After a huge initial success, including earning over £500,000 in Year 1 and winning Best Takeaway in Scotland, Alex led Combini to raise £250,000 investment at a valuation of £2 million for a national expansion.

In 2020, Alex stepped down as Art Director at Combini to work on personal projects with a diverse range of exciting clients.


Visual Design

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixelmator Pro and Figma, as well as 3D modelling within Blender.


Proficient in Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion, as well as having experience in stop-motion + hand-drawn illustrations.


Years of experience shooting formal events, promotional shoots, food + portraits. Canon 5DIV + prime lens set-up.


Years of experience shooting events, commercials + music videos. Panasonic GH5 + 42.5mm Leica prime lens set-up.

Layout Design

Proficient in Adobe InDesign and have experience building magazines, programmes, brochures + coffee table books.

Strategic Thinking

Years of experience building teams and growing ideas to achieve actionable + clear objectives. Managed over 50 staff.


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Contact me

University of St Andrews

Sept 2013
June 2017
MA (Honours) Geography II.i

- Graduated on the Dean's List for Academic Excellence in 2017.
- First class dissertation studying the geographies of nationalism within New Scottish Cinema.

Stockport Grammar School

A Levels i

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March 2016
May 2019
Lead UI Designer

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