Stratum Co.

All-inclusive aesthetic identity studio that elevates environmental, minimal and luxury brands through photography + design. Working with over 50 clients across the UK.

Key Roles
Lead Designer
January 15, 2020


Stratum Co. is an all-inclusive aesthetic identity studio that creates and elevates environmental, minimal and luxury brands across a range of industries. Stratum add value to brands at all phases of their growth journey through a range of bespoke packages and a strong visual cohesion between photography, video and design. Alex co-founded Stratum in September 2020 with his photographer partner Cameron Prentice, with whom he has been working closely on artistic projects since 2015.


Stratum has delivered projects with a mixture of local, national and international brands. Cameron and Alex have since expanded their network across the UK to include talent in colour theory, copywriting, art direction and marketing. Alex spends a majority of his time using his experience to support F&B start-ups with a brand identity, packaging and growth strategy.


client projects since launching in January 2020
specialised UK team members to deliver a range of services
different areas of aesthetic output covered


* SPLINTR were the principal architects working in partnership with CombiniCo.

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