Minimal Korean fast food brand operating multiple locations in Scotland. Successfully raised over £400,000 for national expansion and won Best Commercial Interior Design 2020.

Key Roles
Art Director
Product Designer
June 1, 2017


In 2017, Alex co-founded CombiniCo - a Korean ready-to-go food brand based in St Andrews, UK. Combini's roots lie in the unique cultural phenomenon of East Asian convenience stores, otherwise known as ‘Combini’. Their values, which centre around simplicity and functionality, are mirrored in Combini's own philosophy through its products. Alex oversaw all aesthetic elements of the company, including brand identity and interior design, to food product range and video campaigns.


Alex instilled core values of Korean heritage, minimal design and environmental consciousness to create a compelling and popular brand that earned over 500,000 GBP in Year 1, employing 5 full-time and 50 part-time staff members. Alex and his co-founder became the youngest ever recipients of Best Takeaway at the Scottish Asian Food Awards in 2018 and raised funds to open a second location in less than one year.

Alex oversaw the design of CombiniCafé, a Korean tea + coffee house that won Best Commercial Interior Design at the Scottish Design Awards 2020.*


valuation after £230k investment round in 2019
100 staff
including 5 full-time staff members
food products sold since launching in 2018


* SPLINTR were the principal architects working in partnership with CombiniCo.

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