Annual print travel magazine exploring the natural world through colour combinations. Sold thousands of copies worldwide, including through Barnes & Noble in USA.

Key Roles
Layout Designer
December 4, 2019


Command+i is a magazine that explores our natural world through colour combinations. It draws inspiration from evocative portraits of locations and curates unique palettes that can be used by a range of designers to inform their work, from graphic and interior to product and fashion. As well as showcasing the depth of the natural colourscape, command+i also adds a rich geological context to each location and recommends simple, practical travel cues. In 2019, Alex co-founded and led the visual development for the inaugural print issue, full online presence and merchandise design.


Alex oversaw the curation of images, page layout and colour combinations for the the magazine, alongside building an immersive website that reflected the paper version. The magazine distributed through retail stores across the UK, gaining the attention of Monocle's Fernando Augusto Pacheco who later featured command+i on Monocle's podcast 'The Stack'. After the magazine sold out worldwide across 30 countries, from Japan and Italy to Mexico and Canada, Alex led the design for a second issue in 2021.

Thousands of copies are currently in circulation globally, including Barnes & Noble in USA.


cities across the world with physical retal copies
print copies sold worldwide, across two issues
unique visitors online within first month


* SPLINTR were the principal architects working in partnership with CombiniCo.

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